We are a group of professionals with extensive experience on land and offshore

Who We Are?

Lion Naval Architects a 100% Mexican company, is a consulting firm with great potential specialized in the field of engineering, dedicated to providing design services, structural analysis and technical assistance to the maritime, offshore and industrial fields.

Within its application area, it is normally found the development of projects in disciplines such as the following:

  • Engineering and naval architecture
  • Civil-structural engineering
  • Electric engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
  • Project management

LNA is firmly committed to providing a complete service that goes from the design of your project to the completion of it.


To provide our clients with quality services and products, through flexible and simple processes, in order to satisfy their needs, exceeding customer satisfaction and the conservation of natural resources, having as a fundamental priority personal and occupational safety, seeking to position themselves as a part key in the growth of its clients, offering comprehensive solutions that meet their needs and expectations through an optimal and effective service.


To be a locally, nationally and internationally recognized company, leader in the implementation of integral solutions, offering high-tech alternatives to meet the needs and demands of our clients.

We base our work on the following values








Quality politics

At Lion Naval Architects we are committed to providing high quality services, developing standards for engineering, consulting and project management in the oil and gas industry, through the following principles:
  • Respect and consideration of the requirements of all stakeholders with LNA.
  • Meet the requirements of our clients and strive to exceed their expectations by providing effective communication, effective services with timely delivery times and reliability in the delivery of results.
  • Discipline on the part of our human resource, motivating it to excellence in order to fulfill with quality the requirements, goals and objectives set forth in each project.
  • Effectively seek feedback on our performance and continually work to implement improvements in our services.


The projects in which we have participated and left their mark are related to the engineering and supervision of loading of "jackets" and "decks"; preparation of documents for approval by SEMAR (stability, manuals, freeboard, tonnage, plans, etc.); design of structures on boats, design and installation of sludge control structures, manufacturing and offshore reels installation.


LNA has worked with local, national and international companies (directly and indirectly) with which we maintain a strong commitment to care, dedication and solution to their projects.


  • Administrative and operational management
  • Specialized technical assistance
  • Consulting, advice and inspection
  • Design and engineering
  • Second part audits: ISM, quality, PBIP, ISPS, BWM
  • Pre “check list”, status and condition for entering the contract
Consulting, advice and inspection
Specialized Technical Assistance
  • Design of modifications to vessels in accordance with Classification Societies
  • Management before classification societies
  • Procedures for flagging before the Secretary of the Navy
  • Ship plans update
  • Carrying out stability, freeboard, and tonnage studies
  • Translation of technical documents
  • Design of mobile drilling fluid plants
  • Design of process lines
  • Offshore rack design according to DNV and ABS
  • Design of silos and atmospheric tanks according to ASME and API
  • CATI engineering development (loading, mooring, transportation and installation of offshore platforms)
  • RED Code
  • Low, medium and high voltage electrical installations
  • Photovoltaic systems and renewable energy
  • Electric power diagnostics
  • Power quality studies, short circuit and protection coordination
  • Finite element analysis
  • Under shipbuilding
  • Procurement and inspections of boats
  • In civil construction
  • Procurement of equipment and materials
  • Proyect Management
  • Appraisals
  • Claims
  • On-hire / Off-hire survey (bunker and ship condition survey)
  • Suitability survey)
  • Draft survey
  • In fixed and temporary naval repairs
  • Advice or training on updating nautical charts, interpretation of the stability booklet, handling of class and statutory certificates
  • Measurement of thicknesses or calibrations in the industrial and marine sectors
  • Inspection of noise levels and leak test to hatch covers certified by Lloyd’s Register
  • Rope Access Services
  • Maneuvers for loading, unloading and transportation of marine structures (jacket, deck)
  • Inspection, services, maintenance and repair of offshore and onshore crust drilling equipment
  • Special project management

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We have a specialized professional group to develop and manage naval engineering projects, specialized technical consultancies, offshore services, on board vessels and where the client requires it.